Name: Alessandro Donaggio

Hometown: Barcelona, Spain

“I’m Alessandro Donaggio, a BMX street rider from a small island of Venice, Italy. I started BMX when I was 16 after I worked hard and finally I had the possibility of buying my first bike. I was the only rider in my town and most of the time I was riding alone, because there was no one else to share my passion with. I soon realized that it wasn't the right place for me. I left for Barcelona at 19 and now I have been living here ever since. Riding here is made of early mornings and late nights in between my shifts at work. I realized how much BMX was helping me when things were going wrong, and falling apart; but what's more important for me is to share my feelings to the people on the streets, and express myself through BMX, as if it was an artform.” - Alessandro

Instagram: @alessandrodonaggio/