Name: Karl Southern

Age: 25

Years riding: 13 years of riding.

Location: Sunderland.

Instagram: @karlsouthern

Where is your favourite place to ride? The Asylum Skatepark for sure – it’s got everything you need and it’s so fun.

What is your current frame and who are your sponsors? Proper Tecmatik frame, Proper, IMG, Shield Protectives, and We Are Adrenaline.

What was your favourite BMX moment from last year? Favourite moment has to be doing my first double backflip.

Who was a BMX role model growing up and what has influenced your riding the most? Growing up I loved watching Harry main, his tricks, height, and style. Everything about his riding was top notch and it’s all I wanted to be able to do.

What do you get up to when you're not riding? When I’m not riding I’m either working driving lorries, training in the gym, or playing football.

What was the craziest thing you have ever done? I’d like to say the craziest thing I've ever done was a quintuple truck driver on my 18th birthday – that was a special feeling.

Do you prefer going big, getting tech, or all about style? I think my original style was always tricks and tech. I’ve always loved trying to add another trick, especially a barspin whether that be over a jump or out of a tech trick, but the more I ride and the older I get my whole game is developing and I’m loving all types of riding – whether that is just tricks, going as high as I can or trying to get stylish, right now I’m loving trying to combine them all and make me a better all-round rider.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to try our sport for the first time? Riding is all about expressing yourself and having fun, so ride all different types of parks, streets and dirt, etc with a good group of people and you’ll never stop.

What is your favourite country you have visited so far? My favourite country has got to be Canada, I went out there a few years back for a month on a riding trip and it was amazing, I rode a dirt contest held in a high street in Montreal and it blew me away, some of the famous spots we visited were nothing I’d seen before and everyone was so friendly. Would love to go back there sometime.

What’s in your future then? For me I just want to keep riding, progressing, and having a good time. I love riding a lot of shows throughout spring/summer, travelling around with the boys putting on a show having a laugh is amazing. This year I want to compete a lot more so I will be at most jams and contests where I can be, after the couple years we've all had of no travelling I hope I can get back to visiting different places.