About us

Proper is far from a new company. We're well over a decade deep into making products and some of us had been riding a long time before that all began.

We've been shipping Proper products to countries where they're not available for years. We've never made anything "official" before now but we get email enquiries (and ship products) every day.

It made perfect sense to make our products more easily available in countries where you can't simply walk into a bike shop to get ahold of Proper products.

If you have queries please email info@properbikeco.com or during UK office hours you can contact us direct +44 1243 606615.


Why can't I purchase from my country? We aren't looking to replace the existing infrastructure in countries where Proper products are readily available (for example - all these items can be ordered from any decent bike shop in the UK).

Can I get ahold of any products not listed? Most likely, if it's not listed, we don't have it. You're welcome to contact us to double check.

How does the pricing remain competitive with shipping included? We don't have to include a margin for either the local distributor or retailer.

How is warranty affected? Any items purchased will be suitable for warranty but the claimant will be responsible for getting the product to us here in the UK. Any claimant is welcome to send photos for us to assess suitability for warranty before incurring any shipping expenses. Our warranty policy can be found here https://properbikeco.com/pages/warranty

How do I warranty a "deleted" item that is no longer in stock? We'll provide a suitable replacement but if the item in question is no longer available here you may get another colourway or updated product. It's possible an upgrade charge will be attached.

Can I get some free stickers? Yes. Most likely we'll send some regardless but feel free to request either in your order "comments" or via email.